The secret of the Grunge Orb

Amazing history of Seattle Band Map revealed by illustrator (and member of at least 6 bands on the map) Matt Nyce:

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IncestZine: Seattle Band Map in SXSW

With all the bands and friends headed down to play south by xouthwest, Rachel, Peter Lowe and I thought it would be pretty neat to show how over 30 of the bands from Seattle playing shows at south by xouthwest are connected through a shared member. What’s the perfect vehicle for both ketchup and information? zine. Mission Statement: Kill Kill Party Party!

It will include a listing of shows that bands from Seattle are playing while in Austin and showcase recommendations. A resource page for bands touring through Seattle and need to know where they can drink beer, eat hot dogs and play pinball while killing time after load in at the crocodile. Also, a Mongrel report from Vancouver delving into their dirty and wonderful music up north, art by our talented buddies here in Seattle, ‘bands on bands’, interviews and many more.

Here is a unfinished shot of the Seattle Band Map: SXSW
\art //comics //ads //shows //bands on bands //articles //interviews\All of the above//

Look for the print version all about town in Austin and specifically at the SXSeattle Showcase Friday Day Show at the Copa where the physical 8’x12′ map will be displayed.









See you down there. Keith.

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The Unnatural Helpers are a bunch of jerk ass quitters

So I wrote Dean Whitmore, lead singer and centerpiece of The Unnatural Helpers when I discovered that his band had the most connections of any on the Band Map (43!).

So I says: I was updating the band map and couldn’t help but notice that unnatural helpers are connected to 43 other bands in seattle, which is the most of any band on the map. i wanna post something about it on the band map blog cuz i think it’s neat/noteworthy. might i inquire, is this surprising to you?

And Dean says: Hey! Fuck this busy ass day. GUH. Sort of surprised.

Then I says: why is that, do you think?

Then Dean says: Why? Because I’ve played w/ a bunch of jerk ass quitters! Har.

Then I says: what was your favorite lineup? j/k. don’t tell me. no really, tell me.

Then Dean says: I haven’t really thought about which line up is THE BEST. Hard to say. I’ve liked all of them really. The 1st line up was sweet for being the nerdiest (Dean, Lars, Jesse, Jed? -ed). The 2nd / 3rd line up was definitely the heaviest (Dean, Chris, Mike, Sean? -ed). The 3rd / 4th line up was probably the maybe the most technical / musically skilled (Dean, Leo, Brian, Kimberly? -ed). The current line up (Dean, Andrew Greagor, Andrew Sullivan, Johnny? -ed) is the most democratic & least afraid to be poppy & definitely the best in regards to talking about college football.


Thanks Dean!

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My horrible miss-spelling lead to an awesome email!

Received this email from Daniel House, owner of C/Z records the other day. So cool! It’s the first time my horrible spelling lead to something good. I remember in 3rd grade I tried to write an essay and say “I am good” but instead wrote “I am god” and a parent-teacher conference was soon to follow. If you catch any other misspellings (and ran a rad label / were in awesome bands) email…

“…I own and ran C/Z records out of Seattle for over a decade. I released the very first Built to Spill record and Treepeople before that. I also released records by The Gits, 7 Year Bitch, Melvins, Silkworm, Engine Kid, Gerald Collier, Hammerbox, Coffin Break and many more. The label website is:

The misspelled band is Ten Minute Warning (for reference see: You have the band spelled as Ten Minute Warranty.

The band that is missing altogether  (there are many others missing of note as well) is SKIN  YARD. We were around for 7 years (1985-1992), released 5 records while active, played with Nirvana (they opened for us 5-6 times before breaking), Soundgarden, Green River, Room Nine, Butthole Surfers, Meat Puppets, Faith No More, Redd Kross, GooGoo Dolls, U-men, Bongwater, Bad Religion and tons more. This was the band that Matt Cameron played in before being in Soundgarden and Pearl Jam. Our later drummers included Jason Finn (Presidents of the United States of America, Love Battery) and Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara). I think that should be enough to verify our place in the scene. Read/see more at: (take a look at the poster gallery)

Thanks for your time.

Daniel House”

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Community Comment: Queensryche is better than Nirvana

Instead of adding a band or connection, someone left me with the above commentary. Do you agree?

Leave your own:

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Oldominion and Unnatural Helpers are the most promiscuous

Hip Hop group Oldominion have collaborated with over 37 artists, and punk band The Unnatural Helpers are currently second with 27 collaborations.

Over the weekend, 300 bands have been added by the community. Keep em coming!

(plus, thanks to the Stranger for passing around the link)

And congrats Golf for your write-up in the UW Computer Science News!

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Band Map’s heading to SXSW!

We’re lugging all 12 feet of it down to Austin, details soon on where you can check it out.

austin, the live music capital of the world

Also, we’re making a sweet zine that will feature Seattle bands playing down there

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Go on, take her for a spin…

(Thanks to the Golf Sinteppadon for his great work developing the site!)

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Portraits Of Seattle #21 by Kyle Johnson

Read the full post here

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The future, even more internetier!

Here’s a glimpse of what this summer looked like:

Northwest Folklife


Capitol Hill Block Party

My Floor

AND…We’re excited to announce that we’re working on a more interactive online version of the map, and hope to launch it in early 2011. Stay tuned for more details.

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