Hey Marseilles and The Thermals

We were recently commissioned to create a Custom Band Map connecting Hey Marseilles and The Thermals. Here’s how it turned out! :

You can commission your own Custom Band Map here.

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Sonic Young Evils

Sonic Youth, while no longer spring chickens, have had a lasting influence on todays noise rock scene. The Young Evils are a relatively new Seattle pop group – who have more in common with their alt rock forefather’s than first meets the eye.

Seattle band The Young Evils started as a Vaseline-esq guy/girl two-piece who have been developing a steady following, and are working on their second release as we speak, er, type. Also, if you ever see the singer,  Troy, ask him about the time he used to work at a recording studio in New York where Michael Jackson recorded. If I remember correctly, it involved his own private elevator, the lights being turned out, and a secret password being said over the loud speaker when the king of pop was around.

Faustine Hudson, who drums in The Young Evils, has also drummed for DC based political-lounge rockers, Chain and the Gang.

Ian Svenonious, the polyester garbed singer in Chain in the Gang, also fronted indie-funk group The Make Up.

The Make Up was produced by K Records head and Olympia, WA man-about-town Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson also performed in Beat Happening and Halo Benders. Halo Benders featured Doug Martsch of Built to Spill fame.

Built to Spill started in Boise ID, and have been a band for over 20 years. Though on a major label, they’ve managed to maintain a great deal of creative control over their band and it’s activities. Take that, The Man.

James Bertram, who runs Luckyhorse Industries in Seattle, has drummed in Built to Spill as well as played bass with scientologist Beck

In 2001 Beck, with the rerun shows and the cocaine nose job, produced a solo album for Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame.

Sonic Youth were one of the early New York no-wave pioneers, and have released over 17 albums in the past 30 years. For comparison sake, Metallica also formed in 1981 and released 9 albums. The only artist I know of who is more productive than Thurston Moore and the gang, is the great R. Stevie Moore (no relation) who began his recording career in the mid 60s and has since released well over 400 records.

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TacocaT and Green Day: Welcome to Paradise

The lineage of pop-punk palindromic Seattle quartet TacocaT can be traced directly to the geniuses behind Dookie, over 18 years ago.


Tacocat have been playing shows locally and nationwide since the later half of the 00’s. Bree, bassist from Tacocat also performed in experimental canine ensemble Os Coyotes with Joe Arnone, who was also a member of gothic indie rockers, See Me River.

The Coconut Coolouts       

Joe Arnone was also a member of Charming Snakes with dudes who became the pizza-punk pioneers known as The Coconut Coolouts.

Dutchess and the Duke    

Ian “The Banana” Barnette fronted Ian and the Barnettes with Kimberly Morrison from gloom-folksters The Dutchess and the Duke.

The Intelligence    

Kimberly Morrison was also, at one point, a member of lofi scuzz punk group the Intelligence, a band who has had over 30 different members throughout the years. Recently added to the roster, guitarist Dave Hernandez, was also in the Shins.

Modest Mouse

The Shins featured drummer Joe Plummer, who also beats the skins for Modest Mouse and California orchestral indie group Black Heart Procession

Rocket From the Crypt

Mario Rubalcaba from Black Heart Procession was also a member of San Diego creeper punks Rocket From the Crypt, known for stage antics which included holding raffles during live performances, spinning a large game show wheel to determine set lists, and onstage fire breathing.


Rocket From the Crypt collaborated with Japanese band the Bloodthirsty Butchers, who in turn collaborated with +/- and Whysall Lance on 7” releases.  Adam Pfahler from Whysall Lance was a founding member of the cultishly followed New York emotional rock group Jawbreaker

Pinhead Gunpowder      
Jawbreaker singer Blake Schwarzenbach went on to form The Thorns of Life with Aaron Cometbus formerly of  east bay punk bands Crimpshrine and Pinhead Gunpowder featuring Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day on vocals

Green Day    

5 Grammy award winning punk revivalists Green Day formed in 1987, and are credited for helping punk gain mainstream fans. They are still busy today, most recently releasing a Tony award winning rock opera called American Idiot (which, as a potential sign of the apocalypse, is playing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle in June, 2012)

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King Dude and Joy Division

I don’t know if it’s the 200+ days of overcast gloom or what, but Seattle is the home of some amazing dark music. But what if I told you we could connect modern depressioncore with the great grandaddy of gloom, Joy Division? Take, for example, the downer neopsychfolk of King Dude, aka TJ Cowgill (who also runs the pagan clothing company Actual Pain)

king dude

(nice crystal skull, Dude)

If songs titles are any indication, “Wherewolves,” “My Beloved Ghost,” “Witch’s Hammer,” and “Born in Blood,” are touching on some Black Metalish territory. That makes sense, as TJ Cowgill used to be in Seattle black metal band, Book of Black Earth.

(that is one tuff mickey mouse shirt)

Bassist Ricky Way of Book of Black Earth was in River Rats with Nicholas Brawley and Calvin Lee Reeder, who later went on to play in one of  the authors of this post’s favorite bands ever, Popular Shapes.

(Pic from 10thingszine.blogspot.com)

Popular Shapes featured the handsome and talented Tv Coahran.

Tv Coahran runs ggnzla RECORDS and has played in at least 12 bands including the Intelligence.

The Intelligence, featured earlier on the Seattle Band Map Blog have had over 24 different band members in their 12 years of being a band.

(1/6 of all intelligence members, shown above)

Intelligence frontman, and scuz-pop genius, Lars Finberg recently recruited Dave Hernandez of the Shins to the ever changing roster.

Dave Hernandez played in Grammy-nominated ex- arizonads The Shins (originally called Flake Music) with Joe Plumber, who later left the Shins to join Modest Mouse.

Drunken mumble rockers Modest Mouse have gained international acclaim in their over 17 year stint as a band (that’s 170 mouse years). When guitarist Dann Gallucci left the band in 2004 he was replaced with legendary British guitarist Johnny Mar of The Smiths.

The Smiths formed in 1982 in Manchester and went on to inspire countless teens with the power of self-important asexual veganism and amazing songwriting. In 2005, Andy Rourke of The Smiths joined a supergroup that included Gary Mounfiled of the Stone Roses and Peter Hook of Joy Division.

Joy Division, (formerly Warsaw) also from Manchester, formed in 1976. After battling depression and severe eplisepsy, Joy Division’s singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide. The posthumous release of their album “Closer” became the band’s highest charting release. Joy Division influenced generations of musicians paving the way for post punk, and gothic influenced artists such as King Dude to flourish.

Listen to a Spotify music mix from the above artists here.

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Now Available: Custom Band Maps

Just in time for the holidays, Seattle Band Map is now making custom one of a kind hand-drawn Seattle Band Map Prints featuring your favorite band / label / genre (whatever!)!

Here’s an example of a Hardly Arts Records based map:

And here’s a Nirvana-centric map:

1. Pick the THEME (the band / label / venue / decade) that the map will be based around. (Other ideas include neighborhoods, show houses, radio stations, people, etc)

note: Maps are 11″ x 17″. Due to size of paper we can fit up to about 50 connections per your map

2. Buy Map

** Custom maps are no longer available for purachase **

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What do Visqueen and Quincy Jones have in common?

Last week, after 10 years and 3 albums, Seattle pop-punk group Visqueen,  played their final show, so that singer Rachel Flotard could focus on her record label,  solo projects and motherhood.

Visqueen at Mississippi Studios

But what do Visqueen have in common with Garfield High School graduate and Grammy award winning conductor, musical arranger, film composer and television producer Quincy Jones?

(pictured above with Astronauts John Glen and Neil Armstrong)

Well, Quincy Jones produced and collaborated with the worlds best selling solo male pop artist, Michael Jackson on “Off the Wall” and “Thriller.”

In “Thriller” Michael Jackson sings a duet with Sir James Paul McCartney entitled “The Girl is Mine” where Jackson sing-fights with the former Beatle about which of them is more desirable to adult ladies (guess who I’d vote for).  While recording that song, McCartney was playing in Wings with his wife Linda and guitarist Jimmy McCulloh, who later left Wings to join Wild Horses with ex Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson.

Brian Robertson went on to join British Heavy Metal band Mötorhead

Matt Sorum, who currently tours with Mötorhead used to drum in Guns and Roses.

(above: a Guns and Roses concert where everything appears to be exploding)

Over 23 different people have played in Guns and Roses over the years, one of whom, Duff McKagen, also performed in Seattle punk band Fastbacks. Formed in 1979 by prolific producer and recording artist Kurt Bloch (who has produced countless records and also played in Thee Sgt Major III, The Beltholes, and Full Toilet), the Fastbacks also featured Kim Warnick who went on to play bass in Visqueen.
2011.11.26: Visqueen w/ Kim Warnick @ The Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

And there you have it.

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Your Heart Breaks connects 31 bands!

A while back I was emailing with Clyde, one of the regular members of Your Heart Breaks, the 3rd most collaborative band on the Seattle Band Map (31 listed connections, and I suspect, many more!)

Your Heart Breaks is a collaborative music project that began in Bellingham, Washington in 1999. They now have over 50 members, who live in just about every state in the US including Karl Blau, Stebmo, Eli Moore, Laura Veirs, Tucker Martine, Angelo Spencer, Kimya Dawson, Forrest Baum, Dearborn Choir, and Joseph Peter.

Band Map: Did it surprise you to learn Your Heart Breaks was one of the most collaborative bands in town?

Clyde: I’m not surprised because I stayed up super late one night fucking around with the band map and inputting connections. I think I could probably be number 1 if I put my mind to it, but I would have to think back really hard over the last ten years to think of everyone who has played in YHB. It’s a lot of people!

Band Map: Tell me more about your lineup, what’s the most people you’ve had in one room?

Clyde: YHB has always had an insane rotating lineup. Within the first few years, he had something like 12 drummers. and now its been 11 years as a band. Our recording sessions involve around 50 people often.

(oh i just remembered another connection!the trucks!)

Band Map: Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with that you haven’t yet?

Clyde: I would like to collaborate with Thee Satisfaction to make some beats. And Chris Walla. He recorded my old band Free Smut like one million years ago. I would like to work with him again.

Band Map: Something tells me that’s not too far fetched!

Check em out on Facebook or Myspace , and you can buy stuff here.

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PIZZA CONTEST: Connect The Trashies to The Who


I will purchase and deliver a real actual slice of PIZZA


to the first person that can tell me how The Trashies

The Trashies

Are connected to The Who

Hint: you might have to go dancing with Mr Brownstone

Please post your answers in the comment section below.

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Who gives a Flop

The other night at a friends house, we were discussing the recent Nirvana cover night that a buncha bands played:

And a debate began about Flop, and how certain folks present believed they were “better than Bleach.”

As I was listening to Paula Abdul and Do the Bartman in elementary school in California when Flop was in their heyday, I had to admit that I didn’t know much about them (apart from seeing them on Hype)

Turns out Flop was started in 1990, by singer Rusty Willoughby (who used to be in Pure Joy) with some of his buddies / housemates. Fun Fact: When they were coming up with band names, before they decided on Flop, they were almost “Butt Sweat and Tears.” According to my sources (the internet) their live performances were inundated with fall-down drunkeness, beer showers, broken instruments, and being banned from shows.

So we listened to Flop:

But before we could come to a consensus as to which was better, Nirvana or Flop, a shirtless clap-push up contest ensued:

I’m not sure who ended up the real winner that night (no one), because then we got sidetracked and ended up listening to Popular Shapes (recorded by Kurt Bloch, 11 years after he recorded Flop)

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Techno.org’s electronic subgenre map

Check out Techno.org, a map exploring  how sub-genres of electronic music influence each other

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