Sonic Young Evils

Sonic Youth, while no longer spring chickens, have had a lasting influence on todays noise rock scene. The Young Evils are a relatively new Seattle pop group – who have more in common with their alt rock forefather’s than first meets the eye.

Seattle band The Young Evils started as a Vaseline-esq guy/girl two-piece who have been developing a steady following, and are working on their second release as we speak, er, type. Also, if you ever see the singer,  Troy, ask him about the time he used to work at a recording studio in New York where Michael Jackson recorded. If I remember correctly, it involved his own private elevator, the lights being turned out, and a secret password being said over the loud speaker when the king of pop was around.

Faustine Hudson, who drums in The Young Evils, has also drummed for DC based political-lounge rockers, Chain and the Gang.

Ian Svenonious, the polyester garbed singer in Chain in the Gang, also fronted indie-funk group The Make Up.

The Make Up was produced by K Records head and Olympia, WA man-about-town Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson also performed in Beat Happening and Halo Benders. Halo Benders featured Doug Martsch of Built to Spill fame.

Built to Spill started in Boise ID, and have been a band for over 20 years. Though on a major label, they’ve managed to maintain a great deal of creative control over their band and it’s activities. Take that, The Man.

James Bertram, who runs Luckyhorse Industries in Seattle, has drummed in Built to Spill as well as played bass with scientologist Beck

In 2001 Beck, with the rerun shows and the cocaine nose job, produced a solo album for Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame.

Sonic Youth were one of the early New York no-wave pioneers, and have released over 17 albums in the past 30 years. For comparison sake, Metallica also formed in 1981 and released 9 albums. The only artist I know of who is more productive than Thurston Moore and the gang, is the great R. Stevie Moore (no relation) who began his recording career in the mid 60s and has since released well over 400 records.

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