TacocaT and Green Day: Welcome to Paradise

The lineage of pop-punk palindromic Seattle quartet TacocaT can be traced directly to the geniuses behind Dookie, over 18 years ago.


Tacocat have been playing shows locally and nationwide since the later half of the 00’s. Bree, bassist from Tacocat also performed in experimental canine ensemble Os Coyotes with Joe Arnone, who was also a member of gothic indie rockers, See Me River.

The Coconut Coolouts       

Joe Arnone was also a member of Charming Snakes with dudes who became the pizza-punk pioneers known as The Coconut Coolouts.

Dutchess and the Duke    

Ian “The Banana” Barnette fronted Ian and the Barnettes with Kimberly Morrison from gloom-folksters The Dutchess and the Duke.

The Intelligence    

Kimberly Morrison was also, at one point, a member of lofi scuzz punk group the Intelligence, a band who has had over 30 different members throughout the years. Recently added to the roster, guitarist Dave Hernandez, was also in the Shins.

Modest Mouse

The Shins featured drummer Joe Plummer, who also beats the skins for Modest Mouse and California orchestral indie group Black Heart Procession

Rocket From the Crypt

Mario Rubalcaba from Black Heart Procession was also a member of San Diego creeper punks Rocket From the Crypt, known for stage antics which included holding raffles during live performances, spinning a large game show wheel to determine set lists, and onstage fire breathing.


Rocket From the Crypt collaborated with Japanese band the Bloodthirsty Butchers, who in turn collaborated with +/- and Whysall Lance on 7” releases.  Adam Pfahler from Whysall Lance was a founding member of the cultishly followed New York emotional rock group Jawbreaker

Pinhead Gunpowder      
Jawbreaker singer Blake Schwarzenbach went on to form The Thorns of Life with Aaron Cometbus formerly of  east bay punk bands Crimpshrine and Pinhead Gunpowder featuring Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day on vocals

Green Day    

5 Grammy award winning punk revivalists Green Day formed in 1987, and are credited for helping punk gain mainstream fans. They are still busy today, most recently releasing a Tony award winning rock opera called American Idiot (which, as a potential sign of the apocalypse, is playing at the Paramount Theater in Seattle in June, 2012)

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