King Dude and Joy Division

I don’t know if it’s the 200+ days of overcast gloom or what, but Seattle is the home of some amazing dark music. But what if I told you we could connect modern depressioncore with the great grandaddy of gloom, Joy Division? Take, for example, the downer neopsychfolk of King Dude, aka TJ Cowgill (who also runs the pagan clothing company Actual Pain)

king dude

(nice crystal skull, Dude)

If songs titles are any indication, “Wherewolves,” “My Beloved Ghost,” “Witch’s Hammer,” and “Born in Blood,” are touching on some Black Metalish territory. That makes sense, as TJ Cowgill used to be in Seattle black metal band, Book of Black Earth.

(that is one tuff mickey mouse shirt)

Bassist Ricky Way of Book of Black Earth was in River Rats with Nicholas Brawley and Calvin Lee Reeder, who later went on to play in one of¬† the authors of this post’s favorite bands ever, Popular Shapes.

(Pic from

Popular Shapes featured the handsome and talented Tv Coahran.

Tv Coahran runs ggnzla RECORDS and has played in at least 12 bands including the Intelligence.

The Intelligence, featured earlier on the Seattle Band Map Blog have had over 24 different band members in their 12 years of being a band.

(1/6 of all intelligence members, shown above)

Intelligence frontman, and scuz-pop genius, Lars Finberg recently recruited Dave Hernandez of the Shins to the ever changing roster.

Dave Hernandez played in Grammy-nominated ex- arizonads The Shins (originally called Flake Music) with Joe Plumber, who later left the Shins to join Modest Mouse.

Drunken mumble rockers Modest Mouse have gained international acclaim in their over 17 year stint as a band (that’s 170 mouse years). When guitarist Dann Gallucci left the band in 2004 he was replaced with legendary British guitarist Johnny Mar of The Smiths.

The Smiths formed in 1982 in Manchester and went on to inspire countless teens with the power of self-important asexual veganism and amazing songwriting. In 2005, Andy Rourke of The Smiths joined a supergroup that included Gary Mounfiled of the Stone Roses and Peter Hook of Joy Division.

Joy Division, (formerly Warsaw) also from Manchester, formed in 1976. After battling depression and severe eplisepsy, Joy Division’s singer, Ian Curtis, committed suicide. The posthumous release of their album “Closer” became the band’s highest charting release. Joy Division influenced generations of musicians paving the way for post punk, and gothic influenced artists such as King Dude to flourish.

Listen to a Spotify music mix from the above artists here.

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