What do Visqueen and Quincy Jones have in common?

Last week, after 10 years and 3 albums, Seattle pop-punk group Visqueen,  played their final show, so that singer Rachel Flotard could focus on her record label,  solo projects and motherhood.

Visqueen at Mississippi Studios

But what do Visqueen have in common with Garfield High School graduate and Grammy award winning conductor, musical arranger, film composer and television producer Quincy Jones?

(pictured above with Astronauts John Glen and Neil Armstrong)

Well, Quincy Jones produced and collaborated with the worlds best selling solo male pop artist, Michael Jackson on “Off the Wall” and “Thriller.”

In “Thriller” Michael Jackson sings a duet with Sir James Paul McCartney entitled “The Girl is Mine” where Jackson sing-fights with the former Beatle about which of them is more desirable to adult ladies (guess who I’d vote for).  While recording that song, McCartney was playing in Wings with his wife Linda and guitarist Jimmy McCulloh, who later left Wings to join Wild Horses with ex Thin Lizzy guitarist Brian Robertson.

Brian Robertson went on to join British Heavy Metal band Mötorhead

Matt Sorum, who currently tours with Mötorhead used to drum in Guns and Roses.

(above: a Guns and Roses concert where everything appears to be exploding)

Over 23 different people have played in Guns and Roses over the years, one of whom, Duff McKagen, also performed in Seattle punk band Fastbacks. Formed in 1979 by prolific producer and recording artist Kurt Bloch (who has produced countless records and also played in Thee Sgt Major III, The Beltholes, and Full Toilet), the Fastbacks also featured Kim Warnick who went on to play bass in Visqueen.
2011.11.26: Visqueen w/ Kim Warnick @ The Neptune Theatre, Seattle, WA

And there you have it.

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