Who gives a Flop

The other night at a friends house, we were discussing the recent Nirvana cover night that a buncha bands played:

And a debate began about Flop, and how certain folks present believed they were “better than Bleach.”

As I was listening to Paula Abdul and Do the Bartman in elementary school in California when Flop was in their heyday, I had to admit that I didn’t know much about them (apart from seeing them on Hype)

Turns out Flop was started in 1990, by singer Rusty Willoughby (who used to be in Pure Joy) with some of his buddies / housemates. Fun Fact: When they were coming up with band names, before they decided on Flop, they were almost “Butt Sweat and Tears.” According to my sources (the internet) their live performances were inundated with fall-down drunkeness, beer showers, broken instruments, and being banned from shows.

So we listened to Flop:

But before we could come to a consensus as to which was better, Nirvana or Flop, a shirtless clap-push up contest ensued:

I’m not sure who ended up the real winner that night (no one), because then we got sidetracked and ended up listening to Popular Shapes (recorded by Kurt Bloch, 11 years after he recorded Flop)

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