Connected Communities Symposium Recap

We arrived in Newcastle on a brisk Monday evening and took a walk down the Tyne River:

Spent the next morning trying to figure out how to attach a map to curved metal walls.

Finally, success! (Thanks to the help of Ben, one of the conferences coordinators)

Then we met up with Prof. Joanna Berry, our co-presenter, to go through the presentation:

Prepared for the presentation

And presented it to a room full of enthusiastic attendees

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

About the presentation: Using the theoretical lens of Ganovetter’s The Strength of Weak Ties, and Joanna Berry’s thesis on the effect of the Internet on music industry business models, our presentation discussed the history of the band map, our goals for the future, an exploration of how the map could be applied to benefit musicians in the coming years, and the the extent to which city support of local arts and culture can bolster creativity and the economy.

Read the full conference abstract here:

Thanks to Joanna Berry, Ph.D for her help and hospitality throughout our visit, The Seattle City of Music initiative and the University of Newcastle for their generous support of this project, Andrew Rothwell at City of Newcastle Economic & Cultural Affairs, and Tv Coahran for documenting the whole thing

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