The Intelligence: They are all still friends of mine

The Intelligence are one of my favorite local bands.

Since it’s inception in 1999, the only consistent member of The Intelligence is frontman and guitarist Lars Finberg.

The original lineup consisted of Finberg, Erin Sulllivan and Min Yee (that trio also made up the A-Frames)

Since then The Intelligence have put out countless singles, 7 full lengths and Finberg has collaborated with dozens of the scenes finest musicians.

I was able to come up with 20 24 different members, though I’m sure I’m missing a few:

Lars Finberg (A-Frames, Puberty)
Beren Ekine-Huiee (Eat Skull, Shotgun)
Calvin Lee Reeder (Popular Shapes, Private Beach)
Chris Woodhouse (Mayyors)
Dave Hernandez (The Shins)
Dave Ramm (Pulses, Scraps, Broken Knives)
Dean Whitmore – (Unnatural Helpers, Idle Times)
Drew Church (Cops)
Erin Sullivan (A-Frames, Evening Meetings)
Jed Maheu (Zig Zags, Valentine Killers, Ninja Boners)
Jo Claxton (Welcome)
Kaanan Tupper (Country Teasers)
Karlis Gailitis
Kimberly Morrison (Unnatural Helpers, Dutchess and the Duke)
Kurt Prutsman – (The Professional Man)
Matt Ford (Factums, Evening Meetings, Love Tan)
Mike Wurn (Unnatural Helpers)
Min Yee (A-Frames, Evening Meetings)
Nicholas Brawley – (Popular Shapes, Roommates)
Pete Cappone (Coconut Coolouts)
Shannon McConnell (The Fall-Outs, Pulses)
Suzanna Welbourne (Puberty)
Tom Ojendyk
TV Coahran (Spurm, T.V. Coahran, Charles Leo Gebhardt IV, Popular Shapes)

Finberg recently moved to LA, and is playing drums with Wounded Lion.

I was curious how his experience there compares with Seattle. Are people in hella bands? How many days does it take to get laid in LA? What new bands is he collaborating with?

1. Can you name everyone who’s ever been in the intelligence?
Actually no, just yesterday I was telling the story of the fuck up dingdong who quit in NY and we were relieved and told him to get his crap outta the van and he tired to come crawling back the next day and I seriously could not remember dudes name! But besides him yes, except for Perve Bird they are all still friends of mine.

2. Which lineup would you take with you to…
… a fist fight?

The Icky Baby band, buncha young scrappers with nothin’ to lose.

(Lars Finberg, Nicholas Drkla, Calvin Lee Reader, Matt Ford – ed)

… a pizza eating contest?

the one that had Dave Ramm in it, easy.

He’d be pissed if I didn’t pick him.
Dave Ramm
(that lineup was Lars Finberg, Shannon McConnel, Dave Ramm, TV Coahran – ed)

… your relative’s house for a family dinner?

The last version (touring for ‘Males’) Lunz / Finberg Family band, to sisters and two brothers, one cute lil adopted sis, come on.

3. You now live in LA, correct? Have you noticed the music scene there is as collaborative as it seems to be in Seattle? (ie people being in multiple bands, supporting each other at shows, etc)

It’s pretty much the same, instead of getting emails from band’s I’ve never met asking me to play at the funhouse on a tuesday they are asking me to do it at THE SMELL. But for real I would not have moved here if I didn’t have so many wonderful and supportive friends here, wounded lion and the lamps (and oh sees in SF) and in the red records and a bunch of friends who wanna keep the intelligence afloat.

It is harder to get a crowd here for unheard of stuff, so I think a lot of touring bands get bummed no one comes out, we really tell people to just skip it if they are pretty small, no one cares here! go to sacramento ! sucks but it’s the truth.

Thanks Lars!

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