Pearl Jam and Northwest Hip Hop

Pearl Jam is part of the pantheon of bands that put Seattle, and grunge, in the national vernacular.  Like many bands that have sustained lasting success, Pearl Jam didn’t miraculously appear out of the flannel ether in 1990 to skyrocket to international fame. Each member of Pearl Jam had been playing music in dozens of bands over the previous decade, collaborating with, learning from and supporting their community, while honing their craft.

While Pearl Jam’s connection to other NW 90s grunge bands is fairly well documented

What’s less known is their connection to Pacific Northwest Hip Hop:
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

In 1995 Eddie Vedder collaborated with Neil Young on his album Mirror Ball.

In 2008 Neil Young toured and performed with indie kings Death Cab for Cutie.

Chris Walla from Death Cab for Cutie collaborated with the Long Winters.

Members of The Long Winters were featured on Head Like a Kite’s Album “On Dreams Suspend Night”…

With Tilson from hip hop group The Saturday Knights….

Barfly from Saturday Knights is a member of hip hop collective Oldominion…

with The Boom Bap Project…

who was produced by legendary NW producer Vitamin D…

…who’s produced countless records including Northwest’s hip hop forefathers Source of Labor and Ghetto Chidlren

Source of Labor and Ghetto Children were put out on a compilation in 1997 called 14 Fathoms Deep: a hip hop compilation on Loosegrooves records, which was owned and currated by Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam.



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