The Unnatural Helpers are a bunch of jerk ass quitters

So I wrote Dean Whitmore, lead singer and centerpiece of The Unnatural Helpers when I discovered that his band had the most connections of any on the Band Map (43!).

So I says: I was updating the band map and couldn’t help but notice that unnatural helpers are connected to 43 other bands in seattle, which is the most of any band on the map. i wanna post something about it on the band map blog cuz i think it’s neat/noteworthy. might i inquire, is this surprising to you?

And Dean says: Hey! Fuck this busy ass day. GUH. Sort of surprised.

Then I says: why is that, do you think?

Then Dean says: Why? Because I’ve played w/ a bunch of jerk ass quitters! Har.

Then I says: what was your favorite lineup? j/k. don’t tell me. no really, tell me.

Then Dean says: I haven’t really thought about which line up is THE BEST. Hard to say. I’ve liked all of them really. The 1st line up was sweet for being the nerdiest (Dean, Lars, Jesse, Jed? -ed). The 2nd / 3rd line up was definitely the heaviest (Dean, Chris, Mike, Sean? -ed). The 3rd / 4th line up was probably the maybe the most technical / musically skilled (Dean, Leo, Brian, Kimberly? -ed). The current line up (Dean, Andrew Greagor, Andrew Sullivan, Johnny? -ed) is the most democratic & least afraid to be poppy & definitely the best in regards to talking about college football.


Thanks Dean!

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